Despite our name we are not a restaurant. We are a New York-based brand studio. We combine authentic brand identity and brand messaging to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and its consumer.

Kitchen is the brainchild of Christian LOOS. We work with international clients on projects of different sizes. From startups to leading global consumer brands, not-for-profit corporations as well as advertising and design agencies, such as Diageo, Brussels Airlines, UNICEF, SPiN, OXO, Walkers Shortbread, Exki, Global Poverty Project, TBWA, Yves Jadot Restaurant Group, D’Apostrophe, Trusted Family, Belcham, Vicomte, Kobi, DoggyChef, …


Our efforts have been rewarded by the best advertising and design awards, such as Cannes Lions, Clio, NY Festivals, Eurobest, Epica and London International Advertising Award. Our work is selected amongst one of “World’s best 20 Print Ads ever” in 2014. “The 2016 Best Packaging Awards at Namta” is our latest victory.

At Kitchen we believe branding is more than just creating for our clients. Like cooking is more than just making food. We need to add craftsmanship, passion, personal integrity and commitment to be truly memorable. We are a small independent team with a strong diverse set of skills and operating under a common ethos:

Back to craftsmanship
We stand for a direct personal approach with our client. We help our client craft products that are so unique they can only be made once. Our work is a mixture of various elements: time, diligence, skill, passion, ideas and an endless obsession for details.


Telling the client’s story. Not ours.
We specialize in creating brand stories and identities that show the unique fingerprint of our clients. By collaborating with our clients early on in the creative process we make sure that we truly understand the brand and its purpose. This way we find unique insights to come up with the most appropriate, new and unexpected creative solutions.


We have a gift for taking complex challenges and distilling them down to smart, logical outcomes. We are goal-driven, we work in rapid cycles (think/make/check), never over-think and focus on achieving goals. That’s how we deliver real value and generate real impact.


Never too many chefs.
We are a carefully selected small team of expert individuals to answer the specific needs of every project. This way of working allows us to be as big or as small as we need to be. No unnecessary people or overhead. There can never be too many chefs in our kitchen.

About building brand perception: Two inseparable factors determine a strong brand picture towards its consumer: The brand’s image and the brand’s behavior. Our expertise lies in the development of both. We do this by first understanding the brand and its purpose. From there we find unique insights to help us craft creative solutions we can apply across multiple platforms.

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