Behind the smile.

In 2018, Brussels Airlines was awarded Best Transatlantic Airline by US magazine Global Traveler, the most respected magazine for frequent travelers. That recognition didn’t quite come as a surprise.

For over eighty years, Belgium’s flag carrier has been connecting Europe, North America and Africa. With a spotless record, the company is favored among seasoned travelers. Countless competitors rely on the airline’s services on airports around the globe. Brussels airlines built a reputation on high-end hospitality, extreme customer care and overall being a company with a heart. Where other airlines are cost-cutting, the Belgian mogul still goes the extra mile.

In 2016, the North American branch of the company reached out to Kitchen with a request for a short, in-house video to highlight these services that other carriers were lacking. As Belgian-natives, we’ve been flying with Brussels Airlines for years. When a brand you love reaches out, it feels a bit like being invited backstage to meet the band.