From start-up to scale-up.

Behind every great brand, there is a great brand identity.

However, it’s not always clear to a company when that brand identity needs to come into play. To us, brand identity is imperative during the transition from start-up, to scale-up. When it is time to shift gears, and play in a higher division.

A start-up, stripped from its vogue, is a company in a trial and error phase: it’s experimenting with customer segmentation, figuring out product-market fit. And there are no guarantees yet to the longevity of the business. It could work. It could fail. All funds are applied to the pursuit of rooting, finding stable ground. Investing in brand identity, so early in the game, is often seen as unnecessary and a waste of money.

But once this newborn business finds its foundation, the narrative changes. Now that there’s proven economical sustainability, product-validation in the marketplace, there is room for growth. It is now time for the company to look in the mirror, and define what has sprouted from all the efforts.

And that’s when a visual brand identity becomes important. The product needs to be wrapped in a package, the vision or message of the company needs to be recognized in every word – online or in print. That’s harder than it sounds. It requires dissection of the business, layer after layer. Mission, vision, spirit and target customer make only part of the brand’s DNA. Color, typography, tone of voice and communication style complement it. It’s a measured mix of all these aspects that build a brand’s identity, that makes it clear to the world who the brand is, and what it stands for.

It’s an amazing process. And a very crucial one.