Brussels Airlines

World's smallest documentaries.

Introducing Brussels Airlines’ core values to the US market by delivering all social media, communication and promotional concepts from creation to execution.

Throughout history, Belgians have proven themselves to never settle for the status quo and to always push things further. The Belgium-ettes were created. The world’s smallest documentaries about Belgium’s unexpected contributions to the world.

Taking you to new destinations.

The most precious moments of travel are remembered through our senses. Senses are paramount to the travel experience. A collection of small, aromatic candles capture the essence of Brussel Airlines’ African destinations.

Hi Toronto, fly for free. Well almost.

To introduce Brussels Airlines to the Toronto market, Canadians were invited to pay their ticket with a Canada Souvenir. “Give us a taste of Canada and we’ll give you a taste of Belgium.”

Thank you, Donald Trump.

An amazing opportunity arose when the President of America called Belgium an amazing “City”. Within a few hours, there was our social media reply. 6 hours later, Brussels Airlines was making headline news.