Shumba Group

In 2020, Wellcome PLC, the world renowned multi-national committed to the research, production and distribution of human, animal and environmental health products since its inception in 1880, was rebranded to the Shumba Group. This was based on the strength of the Shumba grain protectant brand’s market strength in African countries. With the new naming came a new brand identity, preparing the group for expansion throughout Africa, with all products being easily recognized under the Shumba Group identity.

Shumba Grain protectant has provided, since the early 2000’s, trusted grain and cereal protection for farmers in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and is a household brand. Other environmental health products and crop chemicals build up the stable of brands with over 50 different products distributed under the Ecomark and Coopers labels.

Collaboration with Hats & Rabbits (Visual Brand Identity & Naming) and Out of Africa Media (web design).

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