book cover design for Vicomte


Based in New York City, Vicomte LLC is a marketing strategy consultancy and micro venture firm ‘Creating Renaissance Brands TM’ founded by Chris Burggraeve, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company specializes in collaborating with non-CPG CEOs, Boards seeking CPG expertise, Family Offices, Private Equity firms, and young enterprises aiming to enhance their marketing strategies. One of Vicomte's distinctive features is its active investment in the startups and scale-ups it advises. This strategic involvement extends to notable companies like Soul Group, Seabird, Seaters, Toast, and Sir Kensington’s, among others.

Beyond his role at Vicomte, Chris Burggraeve holds prominent positions, including President of the World Federation of Advertisers. He serves as adjunct faculty at NYU Stern and capstone director for the Financial Times’ top-ranked TRIUM Global EMBA program. As an accomplished author, his works, ‘Marketing is Finance is Business’ and ‘Marketing is not a Black Hole’, have garnered acclaim. Chris’s industry influence has earned him features in esteemed publications like Ad Age, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, and the Financial Times. A pioneer in global CPG leadership, he actively participated in the transformative global cannabis business, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach.

In an unprecedented venture, Chris Burggraeve will make history by becoming the first Chief Marketing Officer to journey into space, courtesy of Virgin Galactic. This visionary pursuit exemplifies his commitment to exploring new frontiers in both the marketing realm and beyond.

Our collaboration with Vicomte began with refining their collateral materials. This initial engagement laid the foundation for our ongoing partnership, which extended to the design of both Vicomte's websites and Chris Burggraeve's books.

When it came to the book project, our role went beyond aesthetics. Working closely with Chris, we embarked on a journey to define, visualize, and translate the formulas and Excellence System for crafting successful brands in the new Galactic Age. This effort culminated in the creation of the MC-Rocket©, a visionary device inspired by the ingenuity of Renaissance Master DaVinci, aligning seamlessly with Vicomte’s guiding principle - 'Creating Renaissance Brands TM’.

The dynamic collaboration between Kitchen New York and Vicomte LLC has since transcended the boundaries of our individual enterprises. Together, we've tackled various projects and served a diverse range of clients, a testament to the synergies and potential that lie ahead in our continued partnership.

More information coming soon.