branded shipping container for Shumba Group

Shumba Group

The Shumba Group can be traced back to Wellcome PLC, a globally renowned multinational enterprise dedicated to researching, producing, and distributing health products for humans, animals, and the environment since its establishment in 1880.

Arising from its diverse product range, Shumba Grain Protectant has been providing reliable grain and cereal protection to farmers in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe since the early 2000s. It has become a household name, offering essential support to both small-scale and large-scale commercial farmers in boosting yields and productivity to meet the growing demands of Zimbabwe and the broader African continent.

Supported by the robust presence and recognition of the Shumba grain protectant brand in African markets, the group embarked on a rebranding initiative in 2019, adopting the name Shumba Group. This strategic move positioned the group for expansive growth throughout Africa, with all products now easily recognizable under the unified Shumba Group banner. This solidifies their reputation as a symbol of quality. The renaming prompted a comprehensive overhaul of the brand identity.

Kitchen was approached by Shumba Groups’ advertising agency, whose founder had previously collaborated with Kitchen’s Founder. It presented a valuable opportunity for both agencies to reconnect and for Kitchen to devise an assertive strategy to address the Brand Identity Challenge within a tight timeline.

Despite the challenge of a pressing deadline, Kitchen delivered outstanding results. In this instance, Kitchen crafted an icon and brand mark inspired by the distinctive lion imagery from Shumba grain product packaging. This new lion symbol within the Shumba Group brand mark signifies the group’s dedication to embodying extreme courage, strength, and safeguarding the African continent and its inhabitants. To encapsulate its mission and support, a concise tagline was introduced as a constant reminder: ‘Protect, care, innovate.’ This comprehensive brand identity endeavor spanned across new packaging, website, and various collateral materials.

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