brand guidelines for Moab


Creating prints may appear simple at first, but as one delves into the nuances, the complexity becomes apparent, with the choice of papers and textures being crucial components. Moab paper, renowned for its superiority, is on a continual journey to produce the finest and most innovative papers desired by artists and photographers.

Embedded in the landscapes of Moab and the red rocks of Utah, maintaining a robust connection to its origin held paramount importance for the client.

To encapsulate the strength and identity of Moab, we opted for a sturdy wordmark that mirrors the resilience of both the location and the brand itself. This indestructible typography is intertwined, evoking the cohesion found in rock formations. Our objective was to instill the brand with heightened confidence, reflecting Moab's position as a leading digital paper brand. The primary brand color, a carefully defined red rock brown, further solidifies the visual identity.

In the realm of packaging, we revitalized the key image, delving deeper into a rock formation. This revamped imagery unveils a spectrum of colors, echoing the diversity found in Moab's label. The resulting visual captures various textures, lights, and colors, presenting a vivid representation that elevates the brand's packaging to new heights.

More information coming soon.