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Valley, nestled in Tribeca, stands as the epitome of chic shopping. Founded by Kim Carton, it exudes a Soho-esque loft vibe in the heart of Manhattan’s most desired real estate. Here, women discover a thoughtfully curated assortment of clothing, ranging from elegant work dresses to relaxed loungewear, all sourced from both established and up-and-coming designers. A timeless favorite among New York's fashionable elite, Valley boasts a wide-ranging and meticulously chosen selection.

Our mission was to craft an iconic wordmark that harmoniously blends playfulness with style, embodying the store as a fashion brand in its own right. The result: a poised, stacked typography, featuring an elegant font with generous spacing and a balanced layout.

This distinctive icon has gained admirers among style icons, even gracing the heads of a few.

More information coming soon.