animated DC intro for Cartamundi, Hro

Cartamundi, Hro

Cartamundi, since 1765, the world's largest playing card and board game manufacturer, known for iconic brands like Monopoly®, Uno®, Magic: theGathering®, Pokémon®, and more, consistently pushes manufacturing boundaries to remain at the cutting edge.

With its launch of Hro, Cartamundi produces the first officially licensed hybrid NFT trading cards for Warner Brothers' DC Multiverse, introducing a new dimension to fandom in collectibles, sports, esports, movies, music, and comics. Hro represents a breakthrough hybrid physical and digital fan engagement platform, allowing fans to own a physical trading card with an NFT component, uniting blockchain technology with physical in-store presence for the first time.

Kitchen first worked on the naming, together with the Cartamundi Team, aiming to grasp the dynamic between the cards and their profound significance to the enthusiast, laying the foundation for our journey. We conceived a brand mark that represents the seamless fusion of the cards’ physical and digital world, highlighting their fluid interaction. Our focus then shifted towards packaging, placing the Collaborator (Warner Brothers’ DCMultiverse) at the forefront while outlining the pioneering platform (Hro). We established clear brand identity guidelines, for Cartamundi’s in-house team to consistently convey the Hro brand across all forthcoming packaging and communications, ensuring a cohesive visual identity.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone. Typically, assignments of this magnitude go towards larger design agencies. However, thanks to successful prior collaborations , we were entrusted with this opportunity. We are very proud being part of creating ‘the future of collecting’, hybrid trading cards, and bringing it to life. With this first launch, over 6 million cards were produced.

More information coming soon.