mobile site design for Kobi


Kobi emerged as a revolutionary autonomous device for year-round garden and lawn maintenance. It quickly gained recognition by winning the Robobusiness Pitchfire Competition award and drew the spotlight of global media outlets like CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg. This momentum translated into sales, with over 16,000 Kobis finding homes.

With the successful realization of their primary goal - mass production of autonomous lawn and garden solutions - The Kobi Company, previously known as Ewtomatic, pivoted towards offering its robotics expertise to a broader spectrum. Today, The Kobi Company provides a 'plug-and-play' robotics brain capable of transforming any device into a fully autonomous robot, spanning diverse industries, including agriculture, cleaning, mining, and construction. This versatile solution represents a major advancement in the field of autonomous robotics.

The journey started when a CEO walked through our doors, armed with a vision and a presentation for a start-up including a robot. No name, no brand identity, not even a tangible product to speak of. We loved the idea and the CEO’s and CTO’s hunger and desire for creating a success story. We definitely were in.

Kitchen’s first task was to name this robot with something e ortlessly personal, globally recognizable, easily spoken and forward-looking. The name, Kobi, seemed destined for the device. We then opted for a distinctive wordmark. Creating a custom font was essential to preserve Kobi's unique and autonomous identity, ensuring it would stand out prominently on the machine itself. We delved into crafting the presentation deck for potential investors and customers, defining the packaging, and providing strategic insights for the devices.

This project was a thrill, a blank canvas with limitless potential. No precedents, no established guidelines, not even a name or a physical device. Being given the responsibility to kickstart this brand and guide its first steps into the world of autonomous devices was incredibly exciting. It encapsulates the essence of our work - becoming intimately woven with the product, even before its physical existence. This journey, from conception to growth, is the aspiration we hold for every client, and it forms a significant part of our ethos.

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