business card designs for The WatchHouse

The WatchHouse

The WatchHouse stands as a testament to the Vanpelt Family's legacy, spanning a couple of generations of horologists and gemologists renowned for their expertise in acquiring and trading top-tier, exclusive watches. Operating from boutiques in both Brussels and Knokke Le Zoute, the WatchHouse has not only established a distinguished reputation within Belgium but also resonates beyond European borders.

In collaboration with this esteemed family business, celebrated for its prominence in the Belgian agglomeration and across Europe, our objective was to reintroduce essential elements, notably the maker's mark—the jewelry stamp. This mark, crucial for identifying value and origin, has become synonymous with the family's enduring legacy. Represented by a tower – the house of reference, it symbolizes outstanding client service, encapsulating the WatchHouse's unwavering commitment to excellence.

More information coming soon.