outdoor signage for ADDICTION


Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie, an intimate apparel and loungewear brand with a dual commitment to purpose and passion, was founded in the opulent neighborhood of Beverly Hills. It has not only made its mark in the competitive LA Market but has also become a coveted intimate addiction for superstars like Halle Berry and Heidi Klum. With its roots anchored in a Retail Boutique in Beverly Hills, the brand has expanded its presence to stores across the USA and Canada.

The allure of Addiction lies in its masterful fusion of saturated colors and transparent details, creating a captivating blend of sensuality and elegance that leaves a lingering desire for more.

In positioning Addiction as the "unconventional" new lingerie brand, placing a heightened emphasis on form and function, we introduced a distinctive typography. We deconstructed the classic serif font, ushering it into a "nouvelle" era by unveiling a snap serif font. This innovative font serves as a bridge between tradition and evolution, connecting with the brand's ancestral roots while injecting a fresh, DNA-stirring spirit into the market. It sets new high standards for intimate apparel, establishing Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie as a disruptor in the lingerie and loungewear market.

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