invitation design for Ernest


Ernest is a distinguished design collective based in New York, acting as a conduit for European design brands spanning four essential domains: furniture, lighting, architectural products, and materials. Catering to a discerning clientele including developers, specifiers, designers, architects, and individuals, they offer a carefully curated selection of design-centric furnishings suitable for interior and exterior spaces in both residential and commercial settings.

This collective encompasses esteemed European design houses such as Renson, Royal Botania, Delta Light, among others. Ernest specializes in importing exquisite furnishings, lighting, and architectural products from the heart of Europe, ensuring an unparalleled service and the delivery of the finest European design products to New York and the broader United States.

In crafting Ernest's logo, our primary objective was to visually encapsulate the essence of a collective – an entity formed by integrating many distinct elements. Ernest emerges as a unique synthesis of various components, each contributing to a deliberate and cohesive whole. The design's structural and architectural approach pays homage to the influence and autonomy of each partner, allowing them to stand independently within this meticulously organized collaboration.

The Ernest showroom, nestled on 5th Avenue, serves as a tangible manifestation of this collective effort, seamlessly integrating the New York offices of all three major brands under one roof.

More information coming soon.