poster designs for BelCham


Belcham, established in 1919 by Belgian American business professionals in the aftermath of the First World War, has long served as a vital link between two continents. Recognizing the need for a brand evolution to align with their enhanced unique selling proposition (USP) – transcending the role of a mere bridge to becoming the premier partner for international business growth – a complete make-over was imperative.

In our strategic redesign, we harnessed the power of typography as a dynamic tool for fostering connections. The intertwining letters symbolize the inherent interconnectivity that Belcham embodies, with overlapping elements creating a visual representation of a dynamic international network. This design approach accentuates innovation and community, capturing the essence of entrepreneurship and the constant movement inherent in cross-border collaboration.

The choice of red as a dominant color holds significance, representing a hue that never ceases, always in swift motion. This color selection mirrors the fast-paced nature of Belcham's pursuits. The resulting visual identity propels Belcham into a new era, solidifying its role as a true connector and unlocking opportunities across the transatlantic landscape.

More information coming soon.