business cards for Legion Paper

Legion Paper

Legion Paper embodies centuries of tradition and mastery in fine art papers. With a portfolio boasting more than 3,000 existing papers sourced from over 60 mills across sixteen countries, earning them the distinction of being the world's foremost innovator in the art of papermaking. If a specific paper isn't readily available, they possess the expertise to locate it. And if it has yet to be created, they have the capacity to bring it to life.

At the onset of our partnership with Legion, the initial task at hand was the redesign of their packaging for personal artist pads, which included renowned papers like Stonehenge, Lenox, Yupo, and Stonehenge Aqua. However, we saw an opportunity for them to go beyond a surface-level redesign.

We believed it was crucial to undertake a comprehensive review of their Brand Architecture and the way they present themselves to the world. Following this thorough exercise, our focus shifted towards refreshing their logo and tagline. Subsequently, we embarked on an in-depth visual brand identity assignment, encompassing the redesign of packaging and labels for their diverse range of papers.

Rather than adopting the conventional approach of showcasing paper texture through imagery and techniques, we introduced a more personal touch. We gave a voice to Legion's founders, allowing them to speak directly to customers, explaining the paper while it's being held and felt. Through the innovative use of UV Foil, we enabled customers to choose whether the text on the cover would be engaging or quietly present. This dynamic approach accommodates the addition of new papers to their collection each year.

With Kitchen's meticulous strategy and design process, we not only enhanced Legion's reputation but also bestowed upon them a robust presence and a distinct identity within both the B2B and B2C communities. We have been a steadfast partner, assisting with their presence at art fairs and providing ongoing guidance in creative decision-making.

More information coming soon.