building mockup for XCL Education Group

XCL Education Group

XCL Education is not only one of the largest, but also the fastest growing K-12 education platforms in Southeast Asia. With its headquarters firmly rooted in Singapore, this educational powerhouse extends its reach to over 29,000 students encompassing K-12 schools, Preschools, and English Language Centers, spread across the dynamic landscapes of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Under the visionary umbrella of XCL Education lies two groundbreaking institutions: XCL World Academy and XCL American Academy, both rooted in the vibrant heart of Singapore. These institutions stand as beacons of progressive education. XCL World Academy heralds the dawn of a new era in education, while XCL American Academy is the crucible for pioneers.

Kitchen played a pivotal role in the launch of the XCL Education Group, creating an inspiring brand mark that emphasized their outstanding curriculum. This evolved into an upward diagonal depiction of "XCL," transforming the "X" into a resounding plus sign, symbolizing the exceptional future-ready curriculum.

Following this milestone, attention turned to crafting the brand identities for their two new campuses in Singapore. The inaugural venture, XCL World Academy, saw the evolution of the brand mark from XCL’s word mark. It now embodies the exuberance and triumph of accomplishment, capturing the essence of a proud and victorious figure, arms raised in celebration. Then came XCL American Academy, where our focus lay in visualizing their rigorous American International Curriculum, elevating it to A-grade status. A key component of this curriculum is the esteemed Everyday Math program, hailing from the globally renowned University of Chicago, consistently ranked among the Top 10 Universities in the world.

Kitchen also assumed the role of guardian for all endorsed and partnering Ivy League schools. By aligning their vision and mission, and when necessary, evolving or revolutionizing their brand identities from the ground up, we ensured a seamless representation for schools like Sri KDU, the American School of Bangkok, D-Prep, and numerous others.

We take immense pride in being the cornerstone of this extraordinary educational venture. In line with parents and educators, we recognize our responsibility to prepare the next generation for an unpredictable future, knowing that our work contributes to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

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