outside posters for SPiN


In 2007, fueled by the audacious dream of making it to the USA Olympic Team in ping pong, best friends Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy embarked on a unique journey. Their unconventional approach involved immersing themselves in relentless ping pong practice while simultaneously hosting weekly ping pong parties. These gatherings became the heartbeat of SPiN, attracting a diverse mix of artists, actors, musicians, bankers, brokers, broadcasters, and professional ping pong players—essentially, a melting pot of eclectic personalities. The vibrant energy and inclusive spirit that emerged from this diverse crowd continue to define the essence of SPiN today.

The SPiN assignment was a different yet exciting challenge for Kitchen. Renowned for our cool vibes, impeccable taste, and an innate sense of quality (sorry for bragging), we delved into a realm that transcended conventional design. Faced with an environmental and experiential challenge, we set out to curate the very essence that would beckon people back—the unparalleled SPiN experience. Given carte blanche, we embraced the opportunity to fuse strategy with creativity, presenting a captivating customer journey. Through 92 slides of wild ideas and imaginative possibilities, we navigated diverse personas and envisioned a space with different corners, vibes, merchandise, and cocktails creating a variety of experiences. Our role extended beyond execution; it was about crafting an environment that resonated with style, intuition, and an unwavering love for all things cool. Many of the ideas have been implemented and are still being brought to life today.

More information coming soon.