brand guidelines for Sanzaar


Sanzaar runs the flagship international tournaments of the Southern Hemisphere - Super Rugby and The Rugby Championship. Super Rugby stands as a premier men's professional rugby union club competition, bringing together teams from a diverse array of regions, including Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Argentina, Japan, and South Africa. Originating as the Super 12 in 1995 after rugby turned professional, the competition underwent restructuring in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, narrowing its scope to include teams exclusively from Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Crafting a brand for rugby fanatics requires embodying the essential elements of strength, endurance, and speed. Thus, the slightly tilted brandmark "S" was conceived, representing the dynamic force of a rugby ball being firmly held while propelling forward. This icon retains its power even when scaled down for screens or print, ensuring a strong visual presence. The familiar color scheme beloved by Super Rugby fans was retained, with adaptations made for each participating region.

In collaboration with Hats 'n Rabbits, Sanzaar's advertising agency, the assignment resulted in a brand mark that not only unifies diverse nations but also preserves the individuality of each region through its unique color. It serves as a symbol that connects people without diluting the distinctive identity represented by their respective colors.

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